Why Meditation for Children?

Why Meditate?

Meditation is a life skill, and as such, it should be cultivated at an early age.

While meditation is regularly practiced by only a fraction of Americans, its popularity is growing, especially for children.

We have heard the expression”Children are like sponges“. Yes,it’s true. During our younger years is when we acquire most of our knowledge. Knowledge of ourselves, and Knowledge of the world around us.  The way we perceive ourselves and others will pretty much shape who we will be. It will determine our self confidence and our trust.

We also learn a lot of “How to’s”; how to talk, how to behave, how to “react” and of course, we develop our cognitive skills. We learn how to read, how to write, how to behave in our social life.

Our teachers and care givers will “Teach” us all these “How-to’s”

And our peers will accept us or reject us. It’s typically through these social interactions that we “learn” whether we are Good or Bad. Our sense of self-worth is then predicated on the feedback that we receive from others.

Children are consistently being told WHAT TO DO & How to do it. They receive an overwhelming amount of stimuli from their environment.

But, what if we had a little more faith in our children?

What if I told you that your children already have a vast amount of information inside of them? Good, relevant and helpful information that can help them shape their personality from the inside out.

This is what “Meditation” does. Through the development of a meditation practice, children will get a better understanding of their emotions, their thoughts, and their feelings.

Almost like magic, parents and care givers will notice that the child is less reactive and more mindful of his/her actions. More importantly, now they have the TOOLS to bring themselves back into harmony when the environment around them is not supporting them.

Now, they won’t need someone to “Tell them” how to behave. They can figure out the BEST course of action all by themselves.