Questions you should Never ask a Psychic

Is He My Soul-mate?

In my many years of practice I noticed that the question that is asked the most is about LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS.
Here is a Typical one: “Is he my soulmate?’
This is a very common question for an intuitive consultant. And this is the one question you should NEVER ask!
By asking if a new love interest could be your soulmate you open the door to a lot of false, irrelevant and unhelpful information.
Women, very often, make the common mistake of getting carried away by their own emotions, projecting their feelings onto their love interest, and subsequently creating an elaborate plan that is only REAL in their own minds.
The consultant is a human being, with feelings and also an ego. She wants to be liked and also she wants to please. Most importantly, she needs returning costumers. It is very possible that you will receive a positive answer, along with an elaborate explanation that justifies why he behaved the way that he did.

The consultant will continue to inform you how your lives have intertwined through many lives and how your souls recognized each other…

And guess what?

Maybe that’s all true. Maybe you ARE some kind of soul-mates. Maybe you did meet before. And perhaps you do recognize each other’s soul.

But, do you know what else is true?

The fact that we are People, of flesh and blood and we make decisions based on our Human experiences. So, if you and your love interest are cosmically connected, but your personality is unappealing or your looks unpleasant.  No amount of cosmic entanglement or past lives connection will persuade him to like you. At the end of the day, if he is not attracted to you today, he will not be tomorrow, or ever.

So talking to a psychic who’d give you some  words of encouragement and fill your head with false hope is only causing you more harm than good.

What you really need is a REALITY CHECK. Man will show you who they are and what they want straight away. If he is not head over heals for you today, he will not be in the future. So be smart, save your money, and move on.

All my love,