The gateway to your Psychic Abilities – Imagination

The gateway to your Psychic Abilities – Imagination

To begin on our journey to develop & strengthen our Psychic muscle, I decided to start by acknowledging our Imagination.

Yes, imagination is indeed how everything starts. Your ability to Imagine things is the most sacred tool that you have at your disposal. This is what separates the mediocre from the successful. The frustrated from the fulfilled. Imagination is your friend FOR LIFE.

As a first exercise, I would like to invite you to simply imagine that you ARE psychic. And I mean a REAL Psychic. Imagine that you can always, without exception, predict the future. And if you were, imagine how would that be for you?

In your imagination, would you be exiting? Would you be mysterious? Would you be an eccentric? What ever it may be, I want you to really picture yourself as such and imagine the million and one ways that that could help you. How you could make better decisions.

I want you to imagine that you can talk to your Inner-Self.

Imagine, how do you talk to your inner-being? What kind of conversations do you have? And imagine your inner-self. How does your inner being appear to you in your imagination?

Imagine that your inner-self LOVES you. Imagine that your inner-self wants to guide you. It wants to help you in every instance of your life.