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Bullying – How to stop it

Bullying – How to stop it Bullying - How to stop it

Bullying – How to stop it: Bullying is a very popular word. Everybody uses it, and everybody agrees that Bullying is a bad thing. We get mad at the person doing the tormenting. We judge and we tell them “They are Bad”. We try to find ways to “Deal with this type of person” but we seldom see folks working on helping the “bully”. People seem to forget that the one causing the trouble is […]


Gratitude Drawing of a young girl holding the sun in her hand.

Practicing gratitude can help us remember how special and blessed we truly are. Everyone has things to be grateful for no matter their life situation. Gratitude is being thankful and showing appreciation for what you have in your life. It is very important that children develop a lifelong habit of gratitude as it has the power to deeply change their lives.  There are many reasons why children should develop a practice for having and showing […]

Autism Spectrum Empowerment: Mingling in Society for Autistics

Autism Spectrum Empowerment: Mingling in Society for Autistics Graphic illustrating 'Autism Spectrum Empowerment' concepts, highlighting strategies and insights for individuals with autism

I just watched that hot new show on Netflix “Love on the Spectrum”.  After watching the show I was inspired to google articles about autism, and to my surprise, I couldn’t find any articles, or videos, directed at the person with Autism. ?!? Every article I found was written for regular people, instructing them on how to cope with, how to spot or how to handle autistic people. I was truly Shocked no to have […]

Ways to help your child eliminate stress

Ways to help your child eliminate stress Ways to Help Your Child Eliminate Stress': a guide filled with practical tips and compassionate strategies

Let’s face it, we all have stress, especially nowadays, with the pandemic dividing mankind in sometimes not so positive ways. We can’t help but feel disappointed, anxious, depressed, lonely, lost and out of sorts. Children, just like adults, are also impacted by the challenges of this new life in physical, emotional, and social ways. We are social beings. Being part of a friend network gives children a sense of belonging and self-worth, it grounds them […]

Leslie Margherita with Veronica Moya

Leslie Margherita with Veronica Moya

The talented, intuitive and wise Leslie Margherita joins me for a fun afternoon of chit chat during the Corona virus pandemic. She is with her husband in sunny Los Angeles, California. While I am here in New York City, getting tired of my one bedroom apartment and waiting for the city to re-open. We talked about her life as young person, her perception of world and her empathy for others.  Lesli learned early on in […]

The intuitive mind with Veronica Moya

The intuitive mind with Veronica Moya

I am so excited to introduce my friend Alan Steinfeld as my first guest EVER in this new series of interviews for my Youtube Channel. Alan is a true visionary. He was highly aware of himself and others from a very young age. He grew up in New York with a very supportive and loving family. He was always encourage to trust his heart & create the life of his choice. Alan Steinfeld is a […]


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