Mind & Spiritual Development For Young People


Honor who you are – Love yourself

Everyone is GOOD for something! When we come into this world, we’re already perfect as we are. The problem starts when you don’t meet your own standards of who or how you want to be. And when you’re a young person, this frustration only gets worse. When I was young, I wanted to be sweet,” quiet, and blend in with the rest of my class… unfortunately, it became very clear that no matter how much I would like that […]

Bullying – How can we help the victimizer?

Bullying is a very popular word. Everybody uses it, and everybody agrees that Bullying is a bad thing. We get mad at the person doing the tormenting. We judge and we tell them “They are Bad”. We try to find ways to “Deal with this type of person” but we seldom see folks working on helping the “bully”. People seem to forget that the one causing the trouble is just as unhappy, lost, and lonely […]

How to Create Your Own Reality

Children often don’t realize that we create our own reality. Our thoughts are powerful and have the ability to change our lives. When children have bad thoughts, they are attracting those bad things into their lives. Likewise, when children have good thoughts, they will be blessed with more good situations. We develop our perception of life by whether we choose to see more of the good or bad. Why should we develop a positive perception […]

Building Your Child’s Confidence

Confidence is an essential factor in children having a healthy, happy childhood. It better equips them to handle peer pressure, difficult situations with classmates, and different emotions they will experience growing up. A child’s overall personal and academic success will also be strongly impacted by their confidence and self-worth. Confidence can be built and strengthened at all ages, but developing it early helps ensure our children become strong, successful adults. There are many factors that […]

Using Feng-Shui to Help Your Child Fall Asleep

Bedtime can often leave parents frustrated when their child has trouble falling asleep. Parents will try everything to help their crying child and sometimes nothing works. If your child cries non-stop and you don’t know how to help them, it can leave you feeling drained and helpless. When your child is having trouble sleeping, it is important to remember they can be extra sensitive. Children, especially babies, are raw spirits that are not used to […]

The 40 Minute Homework Challenge

Homework can cause a great deal of stress for children and their families. After being in school all day and many times attending after-school activities, children are exhausted by the time they get home. As a result, it can be challenging for children to concentrate and have the energy to willingly complete their homework. When homework doesn’t get done effectively, grades can suffer, and other subsequent work becomes harder for the children. Parents frequently struggle […]


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