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Birthday Parties

What a wonderful and inventive way to honor your guests! I absolutely love doing birthday parties and bringing some cheer & positive encouragement to children of all ages.

My readings are Fun, Motivating, and Enlightening! My main focus is always to encourage children to Believe in themselves, trust their inner voice and express their thoughts.

I know that perhaps suggesting a Fortune Telling session at your kid’s birthday party may raise some eyebrows. This is a tricky territory, specially for children. That is why, I like to start off by offering a mini lecture before we do the personal readings. That way, everyone can learn about my process and what to expect during the reading. Your guests can ask any questions and voice any concerns they may have.

If you would like to have me at your party, all I need for you to provide is a small table and 2 chairs. The fee is $500 for a 2-hour visit. And you can book it by calling my office at: 646-504-6626 or by Clicking here:

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