family meditation

Meditation Practice For Families:

This is an absolute MUST! This class really brings families together! Siblings and parents alike benefit from the opportunity to connect with their fellow “house-mates” as they build an environment of harmony and empathy in the house.

Emotional maturity, self-awareness, self-reliance are the keys for a harmonious and enjoyable experience.

No, you don’t need to be at odds with your loved ones to take this class. This class WILL though, help you

  • Increase your tolerance level
  • Handle frustration with ease
  • Develop equanimity
  • Stabilize Concentration
  • Identify your patterns of behavior

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And most importantly, it brings the family together with the common goal of acknowledging each other’s individuality, and supporting each other in reaching their full potential.

To Bokk your Family Class Call: 646-504-6626