IMG 3783One-on-One Self awareness Classes for families and individuals

Personalized, private & individual classes for Children: 

A four weeks (8 classes) series where we’ll focus on developing a regular “meditation” practice.

I offer private counseling and assistance to children who might have difficulty

  • paying attention,
  • are hyperactive,
  • hypersensitive or
  • simply want to improve their memory & cognitive skills.

Much like the group classes, these individual sessions also aim to bring a sense of wellness, peace and self-acceptance.

We will work on emotional awareness and regulation.

As I believe that self-acceptance is the key to every success in life.

Classes are 30 min long and meet twice a week for 4 weeks.

A meditation practice requires consistence, so it’s important to meet at the same time every week. Please specify your preferred day & time.


For more Information on Individual classes please call us at: 646-504-6626