Meditation for the 

Self-Aware Child

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Self-knowledge - By Going Within

Meditation: Easy to learn & Enjoyable to practice!  It 

teens meditating outside with veronica

is my experience that Meditation is the most natural & the easiest road to alignment.  During meditation, the mind proceeds to experience finer states of thoughts. We sit quietly and effortlessly turn our awareness within until the mind comes to a state of complete rest.

Why Meditate? 

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The practice increases self-awareness:

Meditation teaches to recognize one’s own anger and become more detached from it. It clears the mind and calms you down.                                     

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Increases acceptance:

Increases social connection & emotional intelligence. Makes the children be more compassionate. Makes them feel less lonely 

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Improves productivity: 

Increases focus & attention. Improves ability to multitask. Improves memory. Improves ability to be                   creative & think outside the box.

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