Emotional Development for Children

Emotional Developement Classes

The Goal of the class is to assist in the development of a beautiful mind. My classes will help you discover how wonderful you are, and how to use your mind to do well in school, arts and sport.

What do we do in the class?

Classes are highly interactive, organic and adaptive. Assessing the needs of the class....

The program consist of 6 elements that are used throughout the course....


8 Week Course:

Class 1: Introduction to mindfulness & why it matters that includes a short meditation and quiz and art work after class. 

Class 2: Mindful listening + guided meditation & closing affirmations that includes a quiz after class.

Class 3: Mindful breathing + words of appreciation & closing affirmations that includes a quiz (answers are shred with the class).

Class 4: Heart-fulness. Sending kind thoughts to others & ourselves and includes a short meditation & homework.

Class 5: We will make a plan to incorporate Me time in our daily lives and includes a mirror exercise & a guided meditation.

Class 6: Gratitude. Looking for the Good. + guided meditation + closing thoughts.

Class 7: Get Your Heart's desire. Dove guided meditation + closing affirmations.

Class 8: Dealing new challenges: New Teacher, now friends, school & test taking anxiety. + Guided mediation & closing thoughts.

Your daily participation in weekly classroom teacher/peer discussions is key to ensure success.

Learning materials will include videos, worksheets, journals and art supplies.

Students are encouraged to share what they would like to learn, and I will add the questions and topic requests to the class.

Each week we will work on a subject that is of importance to you. Your full participation is KEY in making this experience a success. I will create weekly meditations that align with your needs and wants.

The Immediate Benefits

Discover your true essence

Fall in love with who you are

Become assertive

Make Good Choices

Hear What Others Say About the Teachings

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