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An Appointment with Me


Dear Friend,

Personal readings or Personal Cheering Sessions, as I prefer to call them, are one-on-one counseling sessions where we will dive into the essence of YOU and I will assist in bringing you clarity and confirmation about your role in this life.

During our time together we will explore your birth-given gifts and I will give you suggestions on how to use them to your full advantage. The goal is always to inspire you to lead a purposeful and gratifying life.

I will answer any and every question you may have. No topic is off limits. You will leave the session feeling empowered and refreshed.

You can set up a phone appointment through my office at 646-504-6626.

Readings are 30 minutes and cost $120 in price. Readings are available over the phone or in person at my office in Columbus Circle.

I am looking forward to being of service.

Trust Your Heart, Live Your Spirit

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