Mind & Spiritual Development For Young People


Welcome! My name is Veronica.

I help young people become fearless and confident by helping them go within and connect with their true selves. I do this through group workshops, and select private coaching engagements.




Experience anxiety and concern about your child’s future.

Are concerned about your child’s social life.

Feel overwhelmed about your child's school work.

Are afraid that your child doesn't fit in or have enough friends.

Worry about some of your child’s personality traits.
(ie. mean, anti-social, passive aggressive, intensely shy.)

Don't know how to answer some of your child's big questions.

Why I Do What I Do

I remember what it felt like being a child. The world was so new - and I remember wondering, "How is this whole 'life' thing supposed to work? Where do I belong? How do I fit in?"

I remember feeling like no one else saw the world the same way as I did. Even as a child, I was so grounded in the present moment and so connected to myself, I naturally knew better than to get swept away by thoughts and worries. 

I realized that this self-awareness is an innate skill all children possess. 

As children grow older, they become skilled in assessing the world through human eyes and human brains. The realm of inner being (our Spirit) becomes obscured by the mind, causing us to "tune out" the wisdom that we already possess.

That’s why I decided to create a platform where young people could be heard and could be encourage to nurture their relationship with spirit. This work is about giving children permission to use the part of themselves that doesn't get nurtured at school or at home - which is also the only part that can give them true freedom and happiness in life.


I spent the last 15 years working with adults in a similar capacity. I saw firsthand how lost and disconnected so many people were - and how it could have been avoided had they learned, from a young age, to shift their attention and focus.

By the time you're an adult though, it's so much harder to make a change. You're too attached to your sense of self, and you are bonded to your Ego (the way you present yourself to the world). Connecting with Spirit is a task most people shy away from after a certain age.

I started this business because it really pains me to see so many people living unhappy and unbalanced lives only because they have not been given this information before. Introducing mindfulness and encouraging a relationship with Spirit from an early age can improve the quality of your adult life.

My Message:
Love yourself. Honor who you are.
Trust and know that you are protected at all times.
You are meant to be happy always. 


If you'd like to learn more about my work, please visit my services page.


Download my meditation so you can try it with your children. (You’ll also receive occasional updates.)

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