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About Veronica Moya

Author, Educator, Speaker

Veronica is the creator of the “Self-Aware Child” which is a Meditation Practice designed to speed up your child’s emotional development, leading to greater personal & academic success. She is also the host of Vero’s Corner, a children’s Youtube channel dedicated to helping kids find enjoyment in meditating.

Veronica demystifies “Meditation” and makes it accessible and appealing to the youngsters. Her 25 years of working with children and her background in developmental psychology and education make her the perfect person to guide your child to a fulfilling and successful life.

Veronica has a very good understanding of the challenges faced by our youth today and is able to have a no-nonsense conversation with the children while still remaining compassionate, understanding and attentive to their needs.

Veronica’s goal is ALWAYS to empower and inspire our kids to be all that they can be. With Meditation, the children’s desire to succeed comes from within which makes it that much more powerful and effective.

Growing up in a third world country (Argentina), Veronica learned quickly to “trust her inner guidance” and be true to herself. Today, she enjoys helping others overcome self-imposed limitations and Soar!

She is best known for her contribution to the Edgar Cayce Center in New York City where she served as a program director for 3 years and lead classes on Self-Development & Meditation for both children and adults.

Veronica taught classes in prestigious institutions such as: The Omega Institute, The ARE of NY, The Meta Center, Exhale Yoga, to name a few.

She was interviewed by NBC, The NY Times, Telemundo, E entertainment, Financial Times, Columbia University, Natural Awakenings and Wisdom Magazine.