Emotional Development for Children

Group Classes

 The goal is always to help children increase self love.

Compassion and self-acceptance are a constant theme in the class. Everyone learns to be more patient and understanding with themselves. They become more accepting of their limitations and of those of others.

The length of the class can vary depending on the age of the students and their particular needs.

Group Classes in public schools & churches are Free of charge.

Develop Your Intuition & Get a Competitive Advantage:

Intuition is like the ability to swim; we all have it, but only some use it. In this class, we’ll learn to listen to our inner guidance. You’ll discover you’re wise beyond your wildest dreams. You possess the knowledge of the Universe inside yourself. We’ll help you extract that knowledge and use it to your advantage through fun, eye-opening, and empowering exercises. Book IT! 

Mindfulness for Children:

Meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises designed for different age groups. Each class can also focus on a particular topic. Some examples are below.

  • How to Deal with Stress Caused by Schoolwork
  • Asserting Yourself With Your Peers
  • Meditation for Peaceful Sleep
  • Achieve Self-Love & Self-Acceptance
  • Tackle Your Fears

Clases en Español:

Meditacion y ejercicios de respiracion diseñados para diferentes grupos de edades diferentes. Cada clase se focaliza en un tema especifico:

  • Como manejar el stress
  • Como hacer nuevos amigos
  • Meditacion para dormir
  • Meditacion para tener mas confianza

Sunday School:

(This class is for Christian children) We focus on helping the child develop a fluid relationship with the Holy Spirit. By learning how to quiet their minds, they begin to welcome and acknowledge the Holy presence inside of them. They can subsequently rely on this relationship to face any hardship or stressful situation in their lives.

Other topics include through guided meditations, breathing exercises, and games that stimulate the imagination, children learn coping techniques for the academic and social demands of today.




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