Spiritual & Emotional Development for Children & Teens

Personal Enrichment through Meditation

Learn to Meditate & become a Role Model

Saturdays at 10:00AM in Hell's Kitchen!

Groups of children in their classroom engaged in a mindfulness session.

Meditation Class

√ Make New Friends 

√ Learn Mindfulness

√ Become a Role Model

Entertaining & Highly Intercative

These are some of the class activities:


  • You'll learn to trust your inner voice, and build confidence in your ability to Handle challenges. 

Arts & Journaling

  • At the end of the class you'll feel INSPIRED. We'll finish the day by participating in guided project.

Story Time

  • Using an original story you'll be guided through a beautiful  meditation.


  • That stimulate the mind and show you how capable & powerful you are.

We will have a regular 45 minutes class, and in the last 15 minutes you can choose to participate in my Youtube channel. You could:
√ be a presenter of the show,
√ give advice and tips,
or share your experience.
I will guide you every step of the way. It's a fun an rewarding experience. 

Guided Meditations

Achieve your Heart's Desired
Learn how to manifest those things that are most important to you.

Meditation to feel Appreciation 
Thankfulness is the ultimate state of receivership. Train your mind to succeed.

Meditation for Healing

You can Heal yourself & Others
Discover how powerful you are by practicing remote viewing and healing.

Use Your Powers to Control Your Emotions

You are the BOSS of YOU!
Everything starts in your mind. Your emotions determine your actions. You can do this!


Class location

Ripley Grier Studios

939 8th Ave. Suite 206
Btw 55th & 56th St. Next to Guantanamera


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