Spiritual Development & Mental Health for Kids & Teens

Private Classes

OK. So, you want to send your kid to meditation? That’s good! Having a private instructor teach your youngster how to achieve harmony from within could be a great thing!

When it comes to private coaching, I find it more effective if we could all learn to practice it as a family. The best teacher is a parent who meditates, because children DO emulate their parents.

This is an awesome class! Ideally, this class is done in your own home. I would either come visit, or we can do a Video Conference class. Being in your own environment is of great help when it comes to creating a routine and assigning a “special place” in your home allocated for this activity. You are making some special time for Love & Care every week.

When the whole family meditates together, they develop equanimity, everyone’s tolerance level increases. We can re-connect with our loved ones in a MUCH deeper way.

This class is ideal for families with teenagers!

The practice will help you...

See things through the other person’s eyes.

Become more empathic and tolerant as a family.

Handle frustrations better with each other.

Communicate in an effective, respectful way.

This is a results-oriented class and it is a practical class. All members of the household must attend together.

Like any other practice, consistency is key. I strongly recommend attending the class twice a week, and supplementing it with a daily practice, between classes. You will see incredible improvements in the family dynamics. Everything happens organically.

Classes are 30 minutes long and they are done virtually via video chat.

We will meet through ZOOM weekly at an agreed date and time. As soon as I receive your booking, I will send you an email confirmation and we will schedule our first meeting together.

$20 for a single class

$80 for an 8 class pass


Download my brand new meditation using this form. This will not only be good for you, but you can try it with your children. (You’ll also receive occasional updates from me.)

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