Spiritual & Emotional Development for Children & Teens

Teacher Training

I offer a four week course for teachers who would like to incorporate MY method in the classroom.

If you are planning to teach your kids how to meditate, it's important that you develop a practice yourself.


The training is broken into 4 phases:


Empathy & Problem-solving

The Children

Meditation for Children

Phase 1: Self-Development

The first week, we will focus on getting to "know ourselves."

You will be guided through a series of exercises and guided meditations where you will be able to experience the effects of this practice for yourself.

You can then make an assessment of what works for you and what doesn't.

You will also have the opportunity to take a look at the patterns that are presently running your life.

There is group work and a lot individual work. Self-observation and self discovery are a big part of phase one.


Phase 2: Empathy & Problem-solving

The second week of training, we will utilize the information learned and put it to practical use.

You will learn how to bring your "meditative state" to your every day life. 

You will engage in interactive exercises that demonstrate the practical application of the practice. 

We will experiment with different meditation techniques such as Walking meditation, mindful meditation, guided meditation and Transcendental Meditation.

Veronica Moya meditation class in Central Park.Morning Meditation Boosts Children's Well-being

Phase 3: The Children

Week 3, we will delve into the world of "Children."

You will get a refreshment course on Child psychology and become more aware of what they go through day to day

You will understand some of the patters that THEY are run by and the reasons behind their behavior

We will address your particular needs in the classroom and why you think meditation could help

You will learn neat ways of approaching the subject of meditation and ways to implement it.

Veronica Moya

Phase 4: Meditation for Children

The last week, we will work exclusively in meditation techniques for children.

You will obtain a great number of resources to help you with your classes.

You will become proficient in at least three different styles that you can comfortably use in the classroom

You will learn about problem solving and crisis management 

You will learn how to answer a lot of parent's questions regarding meditation.



Download my brand new meditation using this form. This will not only be good for you, but you can try it with your children. (You’ll also receive occasional updates from me.)

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