Emotional Development for Children

Mindfulness for Children

From Kindergarten to 3rd grade.

This course is for children ages 5 to 8 years old

Dear Teachers,

I created this nine week program specially for all of you. These classes are super easy and fun to do with your students. 

Each class is only 6 to 8 minutes long. Super short and sweet, easy enough for you to squeeze this activity in between lessons (wink).

Each video is designed for you to pause it and interact with the children. Every class has:

  • a group activity
  • a mindful exercise
  • a journaling (or drawing) session

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Class 1 


In our first class we learn the basics of being mindful. The first thing we’ll do when practicing mindfulness is to sit, or stand, still (we call this still bodies) and to be quiet. Once we have a still body & a quiet body we are ready to start practicing mindfulness. 

Mindfulness of hearing: This is our introductory class. The fist thing we’ll do is to practice using our “Mindful bodies”. Once everyone is still and quiet we can begin with the lesson. Today we’ll use our Ears and practice mindful listening. I hope you enjoy the class, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to: vemoya@hotmail.com

Class 2


2nd Class: Mindful Breathing: Of course, I will not teach you how to breath. We all breath all the time. But in this class we will learn to pay attention to our breathing. 

Your body is very wonderful and magical, there are a lot of things that our bodies do that we don't notice or appreciate. Today we will pay very close attention to what our body does while we breath. And we will discover new things about our breathing.
How does it feel to take deep long breaths? And where do we feel it in our bodies? Why do you think that being mindful of our breathing could be useful?

Class 3


3rd Class: Mindful Kindness: This is one of my most favorite classes!  

Beginning today, you will practice mindful breathing at the beginning of each class. You can use a time challenge as a way to show them how they are improving. “Last time we practiced mindful breathing for one minute. Let’s try a minute and a half today. Begin directing them regularly to notice how they are feeling right now. “Notice how you feel right now” should be included in the initial practice each day. •It is important that you prep this lesson carefully.

Class 4 


The fundamental goal of every class is to have a few minutes of still, quiet mindfulness. This class gives students an additional tool to help that happen. •By this class, they have probably developed some familiarity with their breath and might even be able to identify that it’s difficult to keep their attention on their breath.

Class 5


How many times do you think you can be generous today and tomorrow? How many generous things do you think you might see other people do? How about for the next two days, you write down any generous act you do and any generous act you see. 

Class 6


This lesson varies greatly depending on the class. •Ideally, by now students in all grades have noticed that when they try to be mindful of their breathing, their mind sometimes wanders away. Most likely, you have identified this with them over the past few weeks.

Class 7


This is one of the exercises that can either cause rowdiness or a deep calm in the class. Remind students to keep their attention on themselves and just notice what is happening for them.

Class 8


This is the perfect lesson to practice mindfulness in our every day life, and with our every day activities. Mindfulness is not about sitting quietly and meditation. It's truly about being aware of our behavior.

Class 9


The powerful part of this lesson is in the sharing. Make sure that they share with the class out loud. This can create a very warm and nice atmosphere in the room.

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I am always happy to visit your school or after school program and introduce these classes in person. Please don't hesitate to reach out. I am happy to help! 

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