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EP02_ Lea Salonga talks about her childhood & her journey to becoming the super star she is today.
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November 5, 2020

EP2 - Lea Salonga talks about her beginnings

Disney princes, and Broadway Royalty Lea Salonga joins Veronica Moya in the Intuitive Mind to tell us about her beginnings and her journey to Broadway. Lea talks about her life in manila and how one job completely changed the course of her life! From the episode: …”And I remember when I got out of the car onto the pavement, you could feel that there was an energy to this place (NYC) that was very unique and very special and it was an energy that I could not feel anywhere else. And a lot of people that become transplanted New Yorkers say that there’s just this thing that when you first arrive in the City, it’s like if you were meant to be here, if you know you are going to call this place home, it calls out to you and you feel this positive rush go through your body. And I remember when I stepped on the pavement, I’m like “Oh! This is going to be home; this is going to be where a lot of things will happen.” And I don’t know if it was just me being an optimistic 19-year old or if it was really something that the city held for people that were just there for the first time. It was my very first time and I was coming into a big Broadway show. So maybe there was the anticipation also of something great of something wonderful happening…I do remember the energy coming up through my feet. It was amazing!..”


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