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Meet Veronica Moya

A dynamic teacher & your personal cheerleader. Veronica is an intuitive consultant, and meditation coach for young people. She is known for her high energy, her optimism, and a very peculiar outlook on life. Born and raised in Argentina, Veronica has always enjoyed a very close connection with consciousness and heightened awareness of self. Today she enjoys reminding others of how special & powerful they are. She does this through personal one-on-one sessions, group classes & through online courses.

Veronica’s extensive background on inspirational mentoring & guidance began at the early age of 16 when she founded a children entertainment company in Buenos Aires. Since that first business venture, her work has expanded, deepened, and spiraled in several key directions—all of which reflect her passion for exploring how people can use their own inherit essence & abilities to enjoy a more fulfilled and happy life. Ms. Moya is driven by the conviction that each one of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited possibilities.

Veronica taught classes at: The Omega Institute, The Edgar Cayce Center, The Meta Center, Exhale Yoga, and Harmony by Karate.

She was interviewed by NBC, The NY Times, Telemundo, E entertainment, Financial Times, Columbia University, Natural Awakenings and Wisdom Magazine.