Emotional Development for Children


Drawing of a young girl holding the sun in her hand.

Practicing gratitude can help us remember how special and blessed we truly are. Everyone has things to be grateful for no matter their life situation. Gratitude is being thankful and showing appreciation for what you have in your life. It is very important that children develop a lifelong habit of gratitude as it has the power to deeply change their lives. 

There are many reasons why children should develop a practice for having and showing gratitude. These include…

  • Increased happiness: Being grateful for the wonderful things in a child’s life makes them feel happier. When children focus on the good things in their lives, it allows them to overcome challenges and be less affected by negative situations that arise. The tough circumstances in life won’t drain children as much when they are feeling gratitude for the positive things. 
  • Greater success: When children feel grateful and show gratitude, they are more successful in school and their activities. By focusing on the positive aspects of life, it helps children have better focus and relationships, which directly impacts their ability to be successful. They will also have more positive energy to devote toward their schoolwork and activities. 
  • Better relationships: The people in our lives are happier when we express appreciation for them. Children have so many people in their lives to be grateful for including parents, teachers, siblings, and friends. Our relationships will be stronger and happier when we express gratitude. 
  • Health: Practicing gratitude leads to more happiness and less stress, which directly impacts a child’s health. When children are free from anxiety, they will get sick less frequently and have a decreased chance of developing long-term illnesses. A lifelong practice of gratitude can result in a healthier and longer life. 
  • Less stress and anxiety: By feeling and expressing gratitude, children have less anxiety because they are focused on good things rather than the daily stressors. They can see the good things in their lives, which will make negative situations more bearable. When children have less anxiety, they live happier and healthier lives. 
  • Attracting more blessings: When we are grateful for what we have, it attracts more good things into our lives. Children should always think of their blessings and how lucky they are. Even in hard times there are always things that children can be grateful for. 



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