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Autism Spectrum Empowerment: Mingling in Society for Autistics

I just watched that hot new show on Netflix “Love on the Spectrum”.  After watching the show I was inspired to google articles about autism, and to my surprise, I couldn’t find any articles, or videos, directed at the person with Autism. ?!?

Every article I found was written for regular people, instructing them on how to cope with, how to spot or how to handle autistic people.

I was truly Shocked no to have found any articles that were written for the person who is on the spectrum.
So, I decided to make one. This article is for YOU!
People on the spectrum (or autistic) are often told that they don’t know how to pick up social cues. They are encourage to mimic behavior in order to mingle with society. I believe this is the wrong way to approach autism.
Most people lie all the time, trying to copy them is not the best course of action. You have a tool, you have a power much greater than the ability to read behavior. With practice, you could actually read people’s souls and know precisely what they want, and/or need.
In this video, I talk about something I noticed while watching the Netflix show “Love on the Spectrum”. I saw that most autistic people on the show were announcing their diagnosis to everyone they met. It was sort of like a disclaimer. This made me wonder, why would you feel the need to let people know that you were diagnose with autism? What is the purpose of that? This is unnecessary!
My recommendation: Do NOT tell people that you are autistic, but instead I suggest you talk about the symptoms that may need to be addressed.
For instance: If you know that your autism makes it difficult for you to keep eye contact, then you would simply let people know that you are unable to look at them while they talk, but you want to reassure your audience, that this is your own personal issue, and should not be taken as a sign of rudeness, disinterest, or lack of respect for the other person.
The fact is that most people will figure out that you are on the spectrum. This is not something that needs to be announce.
Autism is not contagious. And therefore, it needs no warning.
It all starts with YOU. You are the creator of your world. You decide what kind of life you will have.
Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Be assertive. Be strong. Trust your heart and live your Spirit.

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