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I am so excited to introduce my friend Alan Steinfeld as my first guest EVER in this new series of interviews for my Youtube Channel.

Alan is a true visionary. He was highly aware of himself and others from a very young age. He grew up in New York with a very supportive and loving family. He was always encourage to trust his heart & create the life of his choice.

Alan Steinfeld is a writer, producer and speaker in the fields of human potential, metaphysics, conscious evolution, healing, creativity, spiritual awakening and cosmic intelligences. He informs millions through his lectures, YouTube videos and weekly television program. I was lucky enough to serve as an interpreter in one of his shows, when he interviewed Sixto Paz (author and lecturer focused on the UFO phenomena).

I love to hear how people grew up and what their perception of the world was. We all have such different experiences, it is nice to see how your inner life has more to do with the outcome of your life than your environment does. Alan shares how he saw the world, his curiosity for all things human, his curiosity about space, extraterrestrial life and the beyond.

Alan always had a curious mind, and a fifth sense. He thought, as many of us do, that everybody shared his gifts and his curiosity.  This is very common for us humans, we think tat everybody can see things the way we do. It’s a bit disheartening realizing that not everyone is like us. I think that in a sense, we all feel like outsiders at some point in our lives.


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