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Bullying – How can we help the victimizer?

Bullying is a very popular word. Everybody uses it, and everybody agrees that Bullying is a bad thing. We get mad at the person doing the tormenting. We judge and we tell them “They are Bad”. We try to find ways to “Deal with this type of person” but we seldom see folks working on helping the “bully”.

People seem to forget that the one causing the trouble is just as unhappy, lost, and lonely as the so called “victim” may be.
The truth is that, like the saying goes: It takes 2 to tango. There can not be a victimizer without a victim. This is the case of a two sided coin. One does the torturing, while the other side adopts the role or the frail, tortured and powerless victim.

Please! We all know by now that there is no such a thing a real “Victim” in this world. Absolutely all of us have free will, and each one of us has the power to CREATE any experience that we need to have in this life. I will gladly address the role of the tortured bullied fellow, later on. But today I would like to spend a little time helping the easily irritable, and patience lacking side of this 2 sided coin.

We all get frustrated. We all can be irritable at times. Children also loose their temper and can easily be trigger. A child cannot control what their parents, teacher, or friends do. They are constantly told what to do and how to do it. How to dress, how to talk, how to say hello, how to play with their friends, how to be polite, nice, amicable, etc… They are consistently bombarde with commands and this can be very frustrating and upsetting. Specially if the child is highly inteligent or has a strong sense of self and a good understanding of their origins.
For a lot us, who remember life in the non-physical, complying with human rules and adapting to life on Earth can be super challenging. What seems like a mysterious, and trouble child, is actually a gentle Soul who has trouble understanding our earthly dynamics.

When nothing can be done to change a situation, the only thing the child can do is change their focus, so they don’t think about what is upsetting them anymore.

Meditation helps them refocus their mind.
In this short meditation they will appreciate who they are. Value themselves, and see their “target” through different eyes.
Children need to learn that they are responsible for their emotions. They should always be happy, and are the only ones who can change how they feel.

Practicing meditation and developing additional strategies for coping with disappointment will help them live a happier life and they will stop lashing out on others.

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