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How to Create Your Own Reality

Children often don’t realize that we create our own reality. Our thoughts are powerful and have the ability to change our lives. When children have bad thoughts, they are attracting those bad things into their lives. Likewise, when children have good thoughts, they will be blessed with more good situations. We develop our perception of life by whether we choose to see more of the good or bad.

Why should we develop a positive perception of life?

It is important for children to learn strategies for developing a positive perception of life from a young age. When children learn to think positively early on, they will live a happier and healthier life. Your job as a parent will be easier and this will impact their lives in many ways. 

Children that think positively will be more likely to have higher performance at school, better peer relationships, and the ability to handle stressful situations more easily. All of these positive factors can be manifested and are a result of thoughts that focus on success, happiness, and reaching personal goals. 

What happens when we don’t think positively?

Everyone experiences negative thinking at times. It is part of being human. However, when children constantly think negatively, it can be harmful to their well-being. Their lives can feel overwhelming at times and as though they are out of control. 

This can make children have a difficult time handling daily stresses, experience more challenging situations, and make them feel unhappy. Over time, this perception on life leads to poorer performance in school, giving into more social pressures, and having a hard time getting along with peers.  

Now we know some of the bad effects of not thinking positively. If a child is constantly feeling frustrated with life situations, here are tips for helping them develop a positive perception of life. By implementing some of these simple tips, they’ll be able to create the life they deserve. 

Think of the Reality They Want. Talk to your child about what they want from life. What are their goals? Dreams? What is most important to them? Every child will have their own idea of what they want their life to be. Children should make a habit of reflecting on their lives and deciding what they value most in life. They can then work to create this reality in their everyday lives. 

Avoid Negative Thinking. When children think negatively, their world begins to mirror what they are thinking and picturing in their minds. Negative thinking can make a child feel badly about their life situations. Once a child starts to think negatively, it is hard for them to change their mindset to positive thoughts. As a result, they begin to see their life as being unpleasant and live that reality. Children should try to think more positively as it will dramatically impact how they experience their lives. 

Focus On What They Want. Everyone goes through difficult life situations. During those times, it is important for children to focus on what they want rather than the problems they face. If something is not going well, a child can think about what they want to happen. As a result, it will be more likely that their situation will turn around in a positive way. When we focus on what we want to happen, our reality will change and attract it into our lives. 

Say Daily Affirmations for Self-Love. Affirmations are a strategy for declaring what we want in life. Children can state what they want and set positive intentions. This technique takes only a few minutes and can change their lives significantly. By declaring intentions that focus on what they love about their life, a child develops a more positive perception of their reality. 

Visualize Their Ideal Reality. Visualization is the formation of a mental image of something. Children can spend a few minutes each day visualizing what they want their reality to be. These mental images will help make their dreams and goals come true. By picturing what they want, they will attract it into their reality.  

Spend Time with Positive Friends. The people we spend time with influence us and impact our mood. When children have friends that are positive, it will help them be happier. It is important for your child to develop friends that have a good impact on their lives. Children develop life-long friendships from a young age. When they have healthy friendships, they will be happier, healthier, and more successful. 

Are you ready to help your child start creating their own reality? Have your child try this visualization technique to help them attract their hopes and dreams. We would love to hear what kinds of positive change it brings them. Send me an email and share your success story with us. 



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