Emotional Development for Children

Honor who you are – Love yourself

Everyone is GOOD for something! When we come into this world, we’re already perfect as we are.

The problem starts when you don’t meet your own standards of who or how you want to be. And when you’re a young person, this frustration only gets worse.

When I was young, I wanted to be sweet,” quiet, and blend in with the rest of my class… unfortunately, it became very clear that no matter how much I would like that to be the case, I was meant to be seen and heard.

Likewise, I got into a lot of trouble for speaking my mind and voicing my opinions. Parents, teachers, and adults described me as, “abrasive, impulsive, no filter, impatient, intolerant, rude and just plain obnoxious, really.” So, so, so sad!

When you’re labeled, it’s easier to be the way others see you. So, you tell yourself: this is how *they* see me anyway, so why bother being nice? Why bother be how I want to be? It’s how we self-identify and find our place in this world.

Once you acknowledge who you are and you embrace makes you *you*, it’s freeing. By accepting ourselves, it becomes so much easier to be how we want to be.


Loving ourselves is certainly one of the most challenging tasks we have in this experience of life.




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