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Using Feng-Shui to Help Your Child Fall Asleep

Bedtime can often leave parents frustrated when their child has trouble falling asleep. Parents will try everything to help their crying child and sometimes nothing works. If your child cries non-stop and you don’t know how to help them, it can leave you feeling drained and helpless.

When your child is having trouble sleeping, it is important to remember they can be extra sensitive. Children, especially babies, are raw spirits that are not used to this earth and their environment. They are sensitive to environmental factors we may not be aware of and that would not affect us as adults. Parents will often look around and think everything is fine, which leads to more confusion about why their child is crying. Often times children are just really sensitive and feel things we cannot see.

Feng-Shui can be an effective tool for helping children work through bedtime tantrums and to help them fall asleep. It originated in China and uses the chi (energy) in a surrounding environment to bring peaceful energy to individuals. Feng-Shui is based around the idea that different energies surround us and affect our mood. It can be used in different areas of our lives and in physical spaces to bring peace and harmony.

Here are some of the basic principles of Feng-Shui:

Color: Color is one of the easiest ways to implement Feng-Shui in your home. Different colors have an impact on our mood and can affect our overall well-being. When you are choosing colors for your rooms, be sure to research which colors will provide the environment you desire.

Placement of Furniture: Every room in your home can have furniture strategically placed to bring harmony and peace to your environment. This positive energy will help prevent negative feelings and make you feel safe and secure. Proper energy in the home can bring you greater success, happiness, and prosperity.

Reduced Clutter: Having a lot of “stuff” in our living environment can leave us feeling overwhelmed and stressed. It is easy for household items and papers to accumulate in our homes and work environments. When we reduce clutter and live more simply, our mind becomes less scattered as well. There are tremendous benefits to throwing things out and reducing the clutter in our lives.

Wall Decorating: The visuals in our home environment can have a powerful impact on our mood. When you are picking out wall decorations, you should consider pieces that are calming and provide you with positive feelings. You will see these decorative items every day and choosing designs that remind you of positive experiences will help improve your energy.

Feng-Shui has the ability to dramatically change our mood. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Reduced Stress: By using certain colors in your home and considering the placement of furniture in your living environment, you can greatly reduce your level of stress. Reduced clutter also helps with overcoming feelings of anxiety.

Increased Energy: There are many factors in life that drain our energy on a daily basis. Using Feng-Shui principles in our home and work space can help to increase our energy levels. By considering the placement of objects in our environment and decorative wall art you can create a home that is visually energizing.

Balanced Mood: Feng-Shui concepts are designed to create a balanced environment, which helps you feel more emotionally stable. We are constantly busy and being pulled in many different directions. This can leave us feeling unbalanced and in need of harmony. Being in a Feng-Shui environment or utilizing its visualization techniques can help restore emotional balance and well-being.

Positive Energy: Removing clutter from your living space can help to lift your mood and increase positive energy. Even small changes around your home utilizing the Feng-Shui principles can bring on positive effects and eliminate negative feelings.

Now that you know more about Feng-Shui, try this simple technique the next time your child has one of those sleepless nights.

Changing the furniture around in your child’s bedroom could be a quick fix to help alleviate stress and tantrums. If your child doesn’t have their own room, you can have your child try changing the direction they sleep. If they are facing east, have them try facing west. By just making this simple Feng-Shui adjustment, you could end up witnessing a miracle!

If you try this Feng-Shui tip, I’d love to hear if it worked for your family. Please leave a comment and share your experience!


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