children meditating on the floorMy classes are not very different from my videos. The goal is to help children experience wholeness and peace just by “being” with themselves.

The objective is to promote tranquility, peace & serenity.  

By focusing on their breath, the children become aware of their possibilities as they find peace and tranquility through guided meditation and relaxation techniques.

This practice is proven to help improve the cognitive faculties of the children.

Assists in their concentration, memory skills, and generates emotional stability.

Why Focus on the breathing?

Breathing is the single most important act that we do every day. However, we do not pay much attention to breathing since it happens automatically. There is a lot more to the breath than we know. In particular, it is a powerful way to control the mind.

child meditatingScientific research is showing that breathing may just be the secret to better health and a more peaceful and productive mind.

Neither in school, nor at home have we been taught how to deal with strong emotions like anger, anxiety or fear. Children cannot try to “talk themselves” out of a state of rage or nervousness. Research shows that breath, however, can help! Since it’s nearly impossible for them to “Talk” their way out of feelings, they can learn to “Breath” their way though them. 

During the class, we talk about the benefits of having some “alone” time and I explain how they can be in charge of their emotions & in control of their minds if they choose to.

  • We play games that stimulate the mind.
  • Tell stories to guide them through a peaceful and inspiring journey that is conducive to relaxation.
  • Different meditation techniques are presented depending on their age and experience.

At the end of the class the children will feel calm, serene and INSPIRED. They discovered something NEW today!

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