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Podcast: The Intuitive Mind with Veronica Moya

Lesli Margherita in the intuitive mind

Lesli Margherita in the intuitive mind

Award winning actress Lesli Margherita joins me in the Intuitive mind from California. While we are both quarantining, we chat about life, work and our perceptions of life as young people. I met Lesli ice skating in Central Park. She is a true role model! She is talented, intuitive and wise. We talked about her life as young person, her perception of world and her empathy for others.  Lesli learned early on in life that […]

I will help you live your best life!

I will help you live your best life! Veronica Moya

Spiritual teacher and intuitive mentor Veronica Moya introduces her new podcast. Veronica’s mission is to be a constant reminder that you are here to be happy. Veronica’s podcast was created with YOU in mind. She is here to inspire you to be authentic, assertive, decisive and most importantly to TRUST YOUR GUT! She will teach you how to harness your powers so that you can have a smooth and happy life. Every week there is […]


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