Emotional Development for Children


In-person classes
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Get the competitive advantage! After spending hours developing your intellect, it is essential that you also make some time for the Spirit. Self-Love & Self-acceptance are the key ingredients for academic & personal success.

The length of the class can vary depending on the age of the students and their particular needs. The goal is always to help them increase self love. Compassion and self-acceptance are a constant theme in the class....

The Ideal option for children whose parents are going through a touch time; or for children who have experienced a number of changes in their lives, such as moves, change of school, new sibling, dead of a pet or a loved one.

In this course, I will teach you the "Self-aware Child" Method so that you can help young people develop self-love and acceptance.  You will learn by doing and experiencing the exercises yourself. You will see first hand how powerful these teachings are.


Download my brand new meditation using this form. This will not only be good for you, but you can try it with your children. (You’ll also receive occasional updates from me.)

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